The CommonRoad_io package provides methods to read, write, and visualize CommonRoad scenarios and planning problems. Furthermore, it can be used as a framework for implementing motion planning algorithms to solve CommonRoad Benchmarks and is the basis for other tool of the CommonRoad Framework. With CommonRoad_io, those solutions can be written to xml-files for uploading them on

The CommonRoad Collision Checker can be used to test if two or more objects collide. The library is written in C++ and depends on the FCL – The Flexible Collision Library . The CommonRoad Collision Checker can be used as C++ library; however, there exists a Python wrapper using pybind11 . Furthermore, the Collision Checker can seemlessly work with CommonRoad_io. Both APIs are introduced in the following tutorials.

CommonRoad-Search is a framework for implementing sampling-based motion planning algorithms using graph search and motion primitives. It is written in Python, and depends on CommonRoad-io and the CommonRoad Collision Checker. The complete documentation can be found here.