Best Submissions

Here we show the best solutions for each benchmark. To see the rankings for a benchmark, please click on the benchmark ID.

Benchmark User Country Organization Processing Time
KS2:SM1:USA_Lanker-1_3_T-1:2018b jakubv Czech Republic TUM 60
KS2:SM1:USA_US101-28_2_T-1:2018b mcanuste Germany TUM 59
KS2:SM1:USA_US101-26_2_T-1:2018b Radex Bavaria TUM 58
KS2:SM1:RUS_Bicycle-3_2_T-1:2018b mcanuste Germany TUM 57
KS2:SM1:USA_US101-10_1_T-1:2018b Letchke Germany TUM 57
KS2:SM1:USA_US101-13_4_T-1:2018b tk Hong Kong TUM 55
KS2:SM1:USA_US101-11_2_T-1:2018b ZifanZeng China Technische Universität München 54
KS2:SM1:USA_Lanker-1_17_T-1:2018b tk Hong Kong TUM 52
KS2:SM1:USA_US101-6_3_T-1:2018b mcanuste Germany TUM 51
KS2:SM1:USA_Peach-1_1_T-1:2018b tk Hong Kong TUM 50
KS2:SM1:USA_US101-19_1_T-1:2018b jakobrichter Deutschland Technische Universität München 48
KS2:SM1:USA_US101-7_3_T-1:2018b tk Hong Kong TUM 46
KS2:SM1:USA_Lanker-1_13_T-1:2018b jakubv Czech Republic TUM 46
KS2:SM1:USA_Lanker-2_25_T-1:2018b PeterKocsis Germany TUM 45
KS2:SM1:USA_Lanker-2_26_T-1:2018b tk Hong Kong TUM 45
KS2:SM1:DEU_Muc-21_2_T-1:2018b mcanuste Germany TUM 44
KS2:SM1:USA_Lanker-2_21_T-1:2018b PeterKocsis Germany TUM 44
KS2:SM1:DEU_A9-2_1_T-1:2018b tk Hong Kong TUM 44
KS2:SM1:USA_Lanker-2_17_T-1:2018b tk Hong Kong TUM 44
KS2:SM1:USA_US101-26_1_T-1:2018b tk Hong Kong TUM 43
KS2:SM1:CHN_Sha-17_1_T-1:2018b PeterKocsis Germany TUM 43
KS2:SM1:USA_US101-14_5_T-1:2018b rriyaldhi Germany Technical University of Münich 42
KS2:SM1:DEU_Muc-23_1_T-1:2018b mcanuste Germany TUM 40
KS2:SM1:DEU_Muc-17_2_T-1:2018b commonvehicle Germany TUM / Informatics 40
KS2:SM1:CHN_Sha-5_1_T-1:2018b PeterKocsis Germany TUM 37
KS2:SM1:USA_Lanker-1_1_T-1:2018b holtmannm Germany TUM 37
KS2:SM1:USA_Lanker-2_16_T-1:2018b tk Hong Kong TUM 36
KS2:SM1:USA_Lanker-2_19_T-1:2018b commonvehicle Germany TUM / Informatics 33
KS2:SM1:DEU_Muc-25_2_T-1:2018b tk Hong Kong TUM 33
KS2:SM1:DEU_Muc-19_1_T-1:2018b tk Hong Kong TUM 32
KS2:SM1:USA_US101-3_4_T-1:2018b mcanuste Germany TUM 31
KS2:SM1:USA_US101-7_2_T-1:2018b mcanuste Germany TUM 31
KS2:SM1:DEU_Muc-29_1_T-1:2018b ZifanZeng China Technische Universität München 31
KS2:SM1:USA_US101-1_1_T-1:2018b jakubv Czech Republic TUM 29
KS2:SM1:CHN_Sha-3_1_T-1:2018b yuzigu Germany TUM 28
KS2:SM1:USA_US101-24_2_T-1:2018b tk Hong Kong TUM 28
KS2:SM1:USA_US101-15_1_T-1:2018b jo Germany TUM 27
KS2:SM1:CHN_Sha-3_4_T-1:2018b PeterKocsis Germany TUM 27
KS2:SM1:USA_US101-9_3_T-1:2018b tk Hong Kong TUM 26
KS2:SM1:CHN_Sha-15_3_T-1:2018b PeterKocsis Germany TUM 26
KS2:SM1:DEU_Ffb-2_1_T-1:2018b ZifanZeng China Technische Universität München 25
KS2:SM1:CHN_Sha-15_1_T-1:2018b holtmannm Germany TUM 25
KS2:SM1:USA_US101-14_2_T-1:2018b tk Hong Kong TUM 25
KS2:SM1:USA_Peach-4_8_T-1:2018b holtmannm Germany TUM 22
KS2:SM1:USA_Peach-4_6_T-1:2018b PeterKocsis Germany TUM 21
KS2:SM1:USA_Lanker-2_22_T-1:2018b PeterKocsis Germany TUM 21
KS2:SM1:USA_US101-16_2_T-1:2018b jakobrichter Deutschland Technische Universität München 21
KS2:SM1:DEU_Muc-12_2_T-1:2018b tk Hong Kong TUM 20
KS2:SM1:USA_US101-23_1_T-1:2018b moritz96 Germany TUM 19
KS2:SM1:USA_US101-17_2_T-1:2018b zhangyang95 Mars TUM informatik 19
KS2:SM1:USA_US101-12_1_T-1:2018b tk Hong Kong TUM 19
KS2:SM1:CHN_Sha-17_2_T-1:2018b jakobrichter Deutschland Technische Universität München 19
KS2:SM1:DEU_Muc-25_1_T-1:2018b PeterKocsis Germany TUM 19
KS2:SM1:USA_Peach-4_1_T-1:2018b Country_roads DE TUM 17
KS2:SM1:DEU_Muc-13_2_T-1:2018b tk Hong Kong TUM 17
KS2:SM1:USA_Lanker-2_3_T-1:2018b PeterKocsis Germany TUM 17
KS2:SM1:DEU_Muc-12_1_T-1:2018b PeterKocsis Germany TUM 16
KS2:SM1:CHN_Sha-5_2_T-1:2018b jakobrichter Deutschland Technische Universität München 16
KS2:SM1:DEU_Muc-29_2_T-1:2018b tk Hong Kong TUM 15
KS2:SM1:DEU_Muc-18_2_T-1:2018b EdwardFeng China TUM 15
KS2:SM1:USA_Lanker-2_15_T-1:2018b PeterKocsis Germany TUM 14
KS2:JB1:USA_Lanker-1_2_T-1:2018b PeterKocsis Germany TUM 14
KS2:SM1:USA_Peach-4_5_T-1:2018b CommonMike Germany Technical University of Munich 13
KS2:SM1:CHN_Sha-11_4_T-1:2018b jkljkljkl Germany TUM 13
KS2:SM1:DEU_Ffb-2_2_T-1:2018b tk Hong Kong TUM 13
KS2:SM1:DEU_Muc-24_1_T-1:2018b tk Hong Kong TUM 12
KS2:SM1:USA_Lanker-2_12_T-1:2018b Letchke Germany TUM 12
KS2:SM1:DEU_Muc-9_1_T-1:2018b PeterKocsis Germany TUM 12
KS2:SM1:DEU_Muc-2_2_T-1:2018b Radex Bavaria TUM 12
KS2:SA1:USA_Lanker-1_6_T-1:2018b anindyaspaul Technical University of Munich 12
KS2:SM1:USA_US101-2_2_T-1:2018b mcanuste Germany TUM 11
KS2:SM1:USA_US101-13_1_T-1:2018b hans1266 Canada Technical University of Munich 11
KS2:SM1:DEU_Muc-15_1_T-1:2018b commondrive Germany TUM 11
KS2:SM1:DEU_Muc-21_1_T-1:2018b jakobrichter Deutschland Technische Universität München 10
KS2:SM1:USA_Lanker-2_4_T-1:2018b PeterKocsis Germany TUM 10
KS2:SA1:USA_Lanker-1_7_T-1:2018b +___+ Germany TUM 10
KS2:SM1:USA_Peach-4_4_T-1:2018b PeterKocsis Germany TUM 10
KS2:SA1:USA_Lanker-1_16_T-1:2018b Germany Technical University of Munich 10
KS2:SA1:DEU_Gar-1_2_T-1:2018b cyr-ch Germany Technical University of Munich 10
KS2:SM1:CHN_Sha-1_4_T-1:2018b PeterKocsis Germany TUM 10
KS2:SM1:USA_US101-14_1_T-1:2018b tk Hong Kong TUM 10
KS2:SA1:USA_US101-4_2_T-1:2018b PeterKocsis Germany TUM 10
KS2:SM1:USA_Lanker-2_11_T-1:2018b PeterKocsis Germany TUM 10
KS2:SA1:RUS_Bicycle-8_1_T-1:2018b Germany Technical University of Munich 10
KS2:SA1:RUS_Bicycle-5_2_T-1:2018b PeterKocsis Germany TUM 10
KS2:SA1:RUS_Bicycle-5_1_T-1:2018b +___+ Germany TUM 10
KS2:SA1:RUS_Bicycle-3_3_T-1:2018b Germany Technical University of Munich 10
KS2:SA1:RUS_Bicycle-13_1_T-1:2018b Germany Technical University of Munich 9
KS2:SM1:CHN_Sha-1_8_T-1:2018b PeterKocsis Germany TUM 9
KS2:SA1:USA_US101-8_3_T-1:2018b Germany Technical University of Munich 9
KS2:SA1:RUS_Bicycle-2_1_T-1:2018b cyr-ch Germany Technical University of Munich 9
KS2:SM1:CHN_Sha-1_3_T-1:2018b qianqian_chai Germany Technische Universität München 9
KS2:SA1:RUS_Bicycle-6_1_T-1:2018b Germany Technical University of Munich 9
KS2:SA1:USA_US101-10_2_T-1:2018b PeterKocsis Germany TUM 9
KS2:SA1:RUS_Bicycle-7_1_T-1:2018b Germany Technical University of Munich 9
KS2:SA1:RUS_Bicycle-8_2_T-1:2018b Germany Technical University of Munich 9
KS2:SA1:RUS_Bicycle-9_1_T-1:2018b Germany Technical University of Munich 9
KS2:SA1:USA_US101-3_3_T-1:2018b Germany Technical University of Munich 9
KS2:SA1:USA_Lanker-1_18_T-1:2018b +___+ Germany TUM 9
KS2:SA1:USA_US101-32_1_T-1:2018b PeterKocsis Germany TUM 9

Normalized processing times: To provide comparable values for the processing times that were required to calculate each solution, we normalize processing times depending on the CPU that was used. If a user supplies CPU and processing time, the normalized time will be shown in green whereas the actual calculation time can be found in the brackets. We base the normalization on up-to-date data from