This interface couples the framework for motion planning of automated vehicles based on CommonRoad_io and the traffic simulator SUMO.


The package is written in Python 3.6 and tested on Linux. Install required packages:

cd sumo-interface
pip install -r requirements.txt
sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

And add the absolute path of commonroad-sumo-interface to your Python interpreter.

Install SUMO

Clone a customized version of SUMO for smooth lane changes from and check out branch smooth-lane-change. For installation we recommend building with:

sudo apt-get install cmake python g++ libxerces-c-dev libfox-1.6-dev libgdal-dev libproj-dev libgl2ps-dev swig
cd sumo
export SUMO_HOME="$PWD/sumo"
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
make -j8

More options on the installation can be found here: .

Configure SUMO and local environment

Copy the file and rename it to Add local paths, if required.