CommonRoad-SUMO interface documentation

Testing motion planning algorithms for automated vehicles in realistic simulation environments accelerates their development compared to performing real-world test drives only. In this work, we combine the open-source microscopic traffic simulator SUMO with our software framework CommonRoad to test motion planning of automated vehicles. Since SUMO is not originally designed for simulating automated vehicles, this interface is designed for exchanging the trajectories of vehicles controlled by a motion planner and the trajectories of other traffic participants between SUMO and CommonRoad. Furthermore, we ensure realistic dynamic behaviors of other traffic participants by extending the lane changing model in SUMO to implement more realistic lateral dynamics.

More about the interface can be found in our paper:

Moritz Klischat, Octav Dragoi, Mostafa Eissa, and Matthias Althoff, Coupling SUMO with a Motion Planning Framework for Automated Vehicles, SUMO 2019: Simulating Connected Urban Mobility

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