This module includes the interface for creating a video of the simulation in commonroad format.

Video Creation, video_start, video_end, out_folder)[source]

Creates a video from the simulated scenario.

  • sumo_sim (SumoSimulation) – the sumo simulation instance
  • video_start (int) – initial time step of the video
  • video_end (int) – final step of the video
  • out_folder (str) – folder for video output
Return type:

None, time_step=None, _draw_params_ego=None, _draw_params_obstacle=None)[source]

create a plot of the current simulation

  • sumo_sim (SumoSimulation) – instance of simulation
  • time_step (Optional[int]) – the time step of the plot
  • _draw_params_ego – drawing parameters for ego vehicles
  • _draw_params_obstacle – drawing parameters for obstacles
Return type:

None, total, prefix='', suffix='', decimals=1, length=100, fill='█')[source]

Call in a loop to create terminal progress bar

  • iteration (int) – Required : current iteration
  • total (int) – Required : total iterations
  • prefix (str) – Optional : prefix string
  • suffix (str) – Optional : suffix string
  • decimals (int) – Optional : positive number of decimals in percent complete
  • length (int) – Optional : character length of bar
  • fill (str) – Optional : bar fill character
Return type: