CommonRoad_io Documentation

The CommonRoad_io package provides methods to read, write, and visualize CommonRoad scenarios and planning problems. Furthermore, it can be used as a framework for implementing motion planning algorithms to solve CommonRoad Benchmarks. Each benchmark is composed by a vehicle model , a cost function , and a scenario (including goals and constraints). With CommonRoad_io those solutions can be written to xml-files for uploading them on .


The package is written in Python 3.6 and tested on MacOs and Linux. The usage of the Anaconda Python distribution is recommended.

The CommonRoad_io release 2019.1 is compatible only with CommonRoad scenarios from release 2018b.

The package is listed on and can be installed from console via pip:

pip install commonroad-io

The required dependencies for running CommonRoad_io will be automatically installed when using the pip command above:

  • numpy>=1.13
  • shapely>=1.6.4
  • matplotlib>=2.2.2
  • networkx>=2.2

Getting Started

A tutorial on the main functionalities of the project is available here.

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